People who share your interests are easy to find. There are places of learning, student socials, career networking events, work nights out and Meet-ups.

But where can you go to be yourself? No role to play, no agenda, just you doing something social and fun, exploring new interests… where friendships can develop naturally.

Come to Social Safari!

The Social Safari event is a day of workshops, talks, entertainment and activities for people who are up for the challenge of trying something new and different, who want to mix with a different crowd and are willing to take a little step out of their comfort zone to do it.

You’re invited to become a part of the tribe

At the workshops you’ll learn new crafts, skills and techniques, giving you a chance to step out from your everyday life and be creative. Our speakers will inspire you and most importantly there will be space to relax and share your experience with others.

Not in the mood to be social but want to come along? Because Social Safari was conceived at the edges of a major music festival and raised by part-time carnival folk before going walkabout into the urban landscape, you can expect to be entertained!

When you leave us feeling more knowledgeable, confident, happier and with a sense of community spirit, then our work is done 🙂