Social Safari is a unique workshop event where we bring people together to learn, play, try something out and make new friends.

You never know where we’ll pop up! Our last event was in Newtown, Sydney and now Melbourne, we have you in our sights.

What’s it all about then?

Imagine a festival where you’ll find a variety of awesome workshops at the heart, instead of a main stage. Throughout the day you could be learning an activity, enjoying a talk, getting crafty, or just kicking back to some tunes with a cold beer and hot dog.

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded folk who, like you, might be rocking up to extend their social circle. We promise to give you lots to talk about and positively encourage this awesome show of unity with your fellow humans.

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How did Social Safari start?

I’ve wanted to do this event for years. The journey to this point started when I worked in the office at Peats Ridge Festival in 2007, I literally knocked on their door with my resume in hand and was hired on the spot. Thrown into the deep end, I was given the task of organising the 3 day general workshop program.

Arriving at the Peats Ridge site four hours before my first workshop began, I found my marquee. The grass was knee-high and there were random cow pats dotted everywhere (“What about the yoga people!?”). The P.A. system was still packed in boxes, there was a mixing desk (with many mystery sliding buttons), my volunteer didn’t show and I didn’t really have a clue. Everything came together though and after day one I was inspired by how people’s inhibitions gave way to carefree engagement, strangers socialised, everybody got stuck in, teachers and participants alike.

I was hooked. And that’s where the seed of Social Safari started. Wondering if people would allow their fun side to shine through in their neighbourhood.

In the 6 years that I ran the workshop program I’ve had my own leap in personal growth, acknowledging a personal desire to ‘give something back’. I haven’t done this on my own, my dearest friends and colleagues have helped Social Safari get this far, united by the feeling that we all need to rediscover our sense of belonging, what we have in common, to meet like minds, make something – change something.

We don’t know if it’s going to work. But, we’re willing to try something new – Are you?

Sarah Breen

Special thanks and gratitude to:
(In no particular order)

Kayte Webb – Directress of Awesome
Matthew Filkins – King of Finance (all round Rock-of-Gibraltar and future bar manager)
Stephen Au – Logo Designer Extraordinare
Heather Jones – Brand Genius for coming up with ‘Social Safari
Jen Barnett – Totally nailed ‘Personal journeys toward a more social world
Ben Johnston – Hive Bar King Bee
Burning Man 2013

Kaz Hodgkins – Most generous documentary maker and wine lover 😉
Kirke Godfrey – Sound ninja and vodka lover 😉
Claire Mann – Communications expert, brain cleaner, mentor
Miriam Cashin – Indispensable and much loved Head Cheerleader for team Breen
Georgi Knox – Tech Queen
Dean Hillan – The knife man